Requirements – Warning



Working with high voltage can be deadly! Always pull the power plug of your coffee maker bevor touching a screw or opening the housing! Just switching the machine off is not sufficient. Smart or wifi plugs are not necessarily providing full separation from the mains! The power plug always has to be pulled from the socket! You are working at your own risk and carry all responsibility for any modifications.

Central questions

Am I comfortable working with 115/230V? Am I aware of the risks?

You will alter and extend the high voltage cabling installed in your espresso machine. There is always a risk of life threatening electric shock, provoked by unsufficient insulation of electric connections, faulty cables and similar during assembly. You always have to be aware of this, you assume responsibility for this work!

If you are not competent or unsure about what the task entails, get help from a professional. We are happy to answer questions, but cannot take responsibility for the work you do.

This modification is expected to void any eventual warranty on your machine.

Am I interested in the inner workings of my espresso machine and the PID controller

With PID control, you increase the complexity of your machine. There will be more parameters to tune to get to your perfect shot. This can be a lot of fun, but unless you go about it systematically, can be confusing and frustrating.

There are standard parameters for a range of common single boiler machines. Your coffee will improve even if you “just” install the PID controller and keep the default parameters. However

However, if you spend some time understand what the PID controller does and why it does it, you will have even better results. We really encourage you to spend the time to learn about your machine and the functioning of your PID controller.